Jesse La Flair Official T-shirt

Jesse La Flair is a stuntman, American Ninja Warrior, and an internationally known parkour athlete and professional freerunner located in Los Angeles, California. Jesse has recently become one of the Pro Team members of the world famous Tempest Freerunning.

What a surprise when Jesse La Flair emailed me and ask me to make a design for him. He wants to make his first official t-shirt to celebrate his 100.000 youtube subscribers. The idea is to be fresh/cool not cute but with maybe an inspirational side to it with a couple words Like “Dreams – Goals” hidden in or not.

and these are what i made for him for the first draft:



and he back with another idea for the design, he want using the head to represent thoughts or dreams becoming goals or reality.


and this is the second draft designs from me with two alternatives designs idea:




after a couple mail and discussions, this is the final design that he approve:


you can check Jesse La Flair himself promote his new official t-shirt on his youtube channel.

or if you want to make it as a tanks he also show how to do it.


You can buy the t-shirt here: avalaible on XS-L Size. Grab it fast before it sold out.

- Helmi -